PR and Marketing Services

We offer Chinese PR, marketing and representation services to build your brand, drive sales, and increase your share of the world’s largest outbound travel market. 

Chinese Student Marketing

Over 150,000 Chinese students study at UK universities. Blessed with generous disposable income and a yearning to travel, shop and gain new experiences, UK-based Chinese students are actively seeking out European brands and looking for places to visit throughout Europe. We can help you reach this rich and growing segment of prospective consumers through our dedicated suite of marketing services and products including partnerships with Chinese student associations and projects with UK-based Chinese student influencers.50


Our Chinese team have excellent relationships with trade, business and consumer media, lifestyle press, and travel and food Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in China. We will help you create regular newsworthy stories to keep your product centre stage with Chinese consumers. We deliver a full range of PR services including media workshops, media and influencer/KOL projects, on and offline promotions, press releases and networking events.

Chinese Online
Brand Profile

China’s ‘go-to’ travel websites, such as Mafengwo, Qyer, and Ctrip, boast millions of monthly users, making them some of the most important global platforms for your hotel or tourism brand. We can help you understand your existing profile, let you know what people are saying about your brand, and boost your presence by working with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and the content teams of these websites.


Is your product right? Are you sure that what works for your other international customers will also delight your Chinese guests? And vice versa? How competitive is your sector and is it worth investing in China? What do Chinese students feel about your product, your service, or your brand? How can you tweak your messaging and marketing to reach them? 

Guanxi’s research team has years of experience in delivering meaningful insight for hospitality, tourism and leisure brands in all markets. In the Chinese market, we can augment this with cost-effective research with our trade contacts to help you define your challenges and advise you on best next steps towards success. We also have access to a panel of Chinese university students whom we can survey about perceptions, preferences, demographics and behaviours.

Social Media

Chinese people live their lives on China’s hugely popular social media platforms, WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book, and you will need to consider how you are going to reach their millions of users. We will set-up and manage your social media account, and drive increased followers through promotions and trade and media partnerships. We can also help design your own WeChat Mini-Program allowing you the opportunity to present your product and services digitally via China’s premier social platform.


For travel brands, our team in Beijing will become your Chinese sales force. We will prepare a strategic trade sales plan for you, advising which agents and operators we will target on your behalf and conduct regular visits and calls. Your annual Chinese sales and marketing plan will set out sales targets, objectives and initiatives (such as which trade shows to attend) all tailored to your budget.

Chinese Websites

With 770 million internet users in China, it is vital that your product is both easy to find and easily understood on the web. If you are looking for a web presence in China, you need to consider localisation and hosting as well as translation. We can help you through this process and deliver a website that loads quickly in China, speaks to the market, and presents your brand in the right way.

Sales Missions

For travel brands, we offer tailor-made sales missions to Beijing, Shanghai and other Tier One and Two cities which focus on pre-qualified tour operators and agents to ensure your product is relevant to them. You will visit them in their offices for productive, insightful meetings lasting up to one hour each. This approach ensures that your time is well spent, and your chances of a successful negotiation are high. Sales missions are escorted by bilingual travel professionals from the Guanxi team in Beijing and full briefing and reports are delivered.

Tour Operator
& Agent Training

Our travel trade training sessions are held either online or at the offices of major Chinese tour operators and we have the relationships which allow us access to their valuable time. Our sessions are interactive and engaging and our staff are very experienced; trained in your products with a deep understanding of the operators’ needs to enable them to successfully sell your product.

China Welcome

A warm welcome is absolutely vital to your brand reputation, your sales revenue and your repeat visitation. Your staff may have concerns over the nuances of dealing with Chinese visitors or shoppers and you may need assistance and advice on how to help Chinese guests and customers navigate your products and services. We can provide your teams with an introduction to the market, and the training needed for front line staff to deliver the warmest welcome.

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