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Chinese influencer sent by PR company Guanxi to visit Stonehenge

How many Chinese tourists can the UK expect this summer?

This is the 64 million dollar question and nobody is really keen to make a prediction. So many forecasts were made during Covid and most turned out to be way off the mark, such is the unpredictability of China. Chinese travel market experts (including Guanxi and many others) got their fingers burned. But we never

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Guanxi's Chinese travel contacts discuss latest developments in international travel.

Latest news on the Chinese Outbound Travel Market (15 Jan ’23)

10 more pieces of insight we’ve heard from the Chinese travel trade and media, and from UKinbound members, this week. #ChineseTravelWhispers – Part Two 1. One of China’s biggest tour operators told us enquiries are for longer stays than pre-pandemic, and they predict customers will demand higher quality hotel services and facilities. 2. Chinese tour

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How many Chinese tourists will come to the UK in 2023?

Finally, Beijing has dropped its Covid restrictions and the Chinese are free to start travelling again and, in the UK and around the world, the travel industry is wondering what we can expect for this year. To help answer that question, here are Guanxi’s top five predictions for Chinese visitor figures to the UK, timing,

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When will the Chinese Travel Market Return?

For those of us working in the Chinese travel industry, Covid has been a very, very long haul. The virus first surfaced in Wuhan at the end of 2019 and, by 25th January 2020, the whole of Hubai province was locked down. Two days later , the Ministry of Culture and Tourism told travel agents to stop

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