Travel Insights | A Spotlight on Market Growth and Chinese Travelers’ Economic Impact

July 8, 2024
By Carrie Li

Chinese Tourists Propel Spanish Economic Recovery

In 2024, Spain has observed a remarkable increase in Chinese tourists, with the Spanish Tourism Authority reporting over 100,000 visitors in just the first two months—a 19% rise from the previous year. This surge continued, averaging a 30% increase through April. The expanded air travel capacity between China and Spain by 38% in the spring and summer underscores the pivotal role of Chinese tourists in revitalising Spain’s tourism sector, which contributes 13% to the national GDP.

Tourism revenues in Spain hit a new high of €108 billion in 2023, driven by an influx of 84 million tourists, marking a 17.4% increase over the last record in 2019. The upcoming summer is set to see even more direct flights from China, promising higher spending and more significant economic benefits, with a projected 53% increase in Chinese tourist expenditure.

New South Wales: Australia’s Premier Tourist Destination in 2024

According to Tourism Research Australia, New South Wales (NSW) leads Australia in international tourist arrivals as of March 2024. With 3.7 million visitors contributing AUD 11.8 billion in revenue, Sydney alone attracted 3.4 million of these visitors. Mainland China has become Australia’s second-largest tourist source, with Chinese visitors spending AUD 7.2 billion, reaching 73% of their pre-pandemic expenditure levels.

Japan’s Tourism Sector Reaches New Heights

Japan’s tourism industry is on track for a record year in 2024, with a 34.4% growth in 2023, pushing the sector’s contribution to ¥41.8 trillion, or 7.1% of Japan’s GDP. International spending surged by 447%, and domestic travel spending rose by 17.9%. The World Travel and Tourism Council anticipates continued growth, with 2024 poised to set historic records in economic impact, job creation, and tourist spending.

Indonesia Experiences Tourist Boom in Early 2024

Statistics Indonesia reported a significant uptick in tourist arrivals, with 5.2 million visitors from January to May 2024— the highest in four years. The peak came in May with 1.13 million arrivals, up 7.35% month-on-month and 20.11% year-on-year. The weakening Indonesian rupiah and increased international holidays in May have made Indonesia an increasingly attractive destination. Targeting up to 1.5 million Chinese tourists, Indonesia is optimistic about reaching over 14.3 million international visitors in 2024.

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