Latest News on the Chinese Outbound Travel Market (17 Feb 23)

February 17, 2023
By Helena Beard

This week’s insight heard from the Chinese travel trade. #ChineseTravelWhispers

1. It seems that the feared second wave of Covid that was expected to follow Chinese New Year holidays may not have happened. Anecdotally, it seems hospitals are no longer overwhelmed. However, there is no official data, and if a crisis was happening in remote rural areas, we wouldn’t necessarily know.

2. CTrip has released data on its #international bookings over the Chinese New Year period. Flight bookings are up 87% against the two previous months, and accommodation up 52%.

3. Chinese tour operators are packaging up group tour products for the summer, but not yet promoting them. They will respond to individual enquiries.

4. Flights to Europe from China are still very expensive. They will drop once the Chinese airlines issue their new Summer schedules.

5. You may remember that China stopped issuing visas to South Koreans when it put in Covid travel restrictions singling out Chinese travellers. China has announced it is resuming its visa service for South Koreans next week. China never enforced any such measures against UK travellers.

6. The post pandemic trend for outdoor activities and camping was never more obvious than at this week’s Beijing ISPO which is a multi-sports/activity exhibition. It was the busiest show we have ever been to. But where were the #ski and outdoor activity #destinations?

7. Visas are still causing problems with only four visa offices in large cities now reopen, according to ETOA. They also reported some confusion over what testing is needed when travelling from China to more than one European country. This is very frustrating for Chinese agents trying to advise their customers. Someone needs to issue some official guidelines…

8. We issued our January social media reports last week and delighted to see follower stats across WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book were up by more than 150%! Engagement is great, views and ‘saves’ are soaring and there is loads of interest in our clients’ tourism products now the borders have re-opened. That interest will convert to booking just as soon as the flight schedules open up.

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