Chinese family influencer visits Oxford’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums

July 21, 2021

During the pandemic, we were unable to invite Chinese influencers, or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), to visit Europe from China but, happily, we were still able to work with those resident in the UK. In June 2021, we were delighted to organise a trip on behalf of our client, Oxford University Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM). Our chosen influencer, Janice, is an actress, photographer and a lifestyle, travel and fashion KOL based in London whose graceful style lent itself well to the iconic attractions and museums in Oxford. 


Our brief from GLAM was to help raise their profile with Chinese travellers across two of China’s most popular social media platforms, Weibo and Little Red Book, showcasing the attractions to families. Janice has well-established followings on both platforms, with 504,000 followers on Weibo and 36,000 followers on Little Red Book.

Travelling with her husband and young daughter, Janice and her family visited six attractions over the weekend including: the Ashmolean Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum, Botanic Garden, Weston Library and History of Science Museum. We liaised with Janice, organised the contract, briefed her on the angles and requirements for the project, made the arrangements, and created the subsequent client report and debrief. We also negotiated the content usage rights for the client.

Credit: Janice Shen


We were delighted with the results of this project and the beautiful coverage and content Janice created. Janice posted three posts on her official Weibo account including a great selection of images with each post and published two posts on her Little Red Book. 

In addition to these posts, Janice created an incredible 12-minute vlog that takes the viewer on a beautiful journey around the six attractions, showing everything from the KOL and her family enjoying the wonderful afternoon tea at the at the Ashmolean Museum rooftop restaurant to them exploring the stunning Botanic Gardens. The vlog really captures and inspires the audience, detailing the heritage and unique atmosphere of the spaces, the eclectic nature of the collections, the attention given to making the museums covid-secure and the suitability of the attractions for Chinese visitors. Watch the video here

Within 3 weeks of publication, the total views reached more than 676,500 views across the two platforms, and the posts had over 3,189 likes and received 371 comments. These figures will continue to grow as more followers visit Janice’s accounts looking for inspiration for their next trip around the UK. 

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