Chinese Key Opinion Consumer Campaign: ‘We Want Your Talent’

March 4, 2024

Guanxi has launched the ‘We Want Your Talent’ competition. This initiative aims to discover Chinese micro-influencers living in the UK to engage them to promote the products and services of our client, London North Eastern Railway, primarily on the social media platform, Little Red Book. To be eligible, applicants must have at least 8000 followers on Red Book, with additional promotional efforts on WeChat and Weibo, which are China’s most prominent social media platforms.

Guanxi’s main focus is on Chinese students residing in the UK, with our secondary target audience being Chinese residents in the UK and general Chinese visitors to the country. The primary goal of this campaign is to inform Chinese travelers that the most convenient way to explore the East Coast of the UK is by train. Additionally, we aspire to enhance social media visibility for LNER, tourist attractions along the route, as well as partner hotels. Through this collaboration, all partners will enjoy cost-effective social media exposure, while the winner  will have the opportunity to realize their dream of becoming a blogger or influencer.

Campaign update: The winner of WWYT is Vivian, she is a Chinese youth author known for works such as “Our Youth, Gentle but Tough” and “Keeping Busy and Enjoying Your Own Company,” which delve into personal growth and experiences. Additionally, she serves as a freelance writer and graduate actively working on her third and fourth publications, providing insights into her life in London as a Chinese girl in the UK. As a Key Opinion Leader, she also owns the WeChat public account “Wei An Ji”, with a substantial following of over 100,000 predominantly Chinese students.

As a student, Vivian will undertake monthly travels with LNER to specified destinations along the LNER route, strategically promoting featured tourist attractions through curated blog posts on both her Little Red Book and WeChat subscription accounts. Her meticulously planned itinerary is designed for practicality, offering a template for tour operators to replicate the route and market it as a comprehensive package tour. Following each excursion, Vivian is committed to posting content on her Little Red Book account, supplemented by detailed, longer-form blog entries on her WeChat subscription account, each focusing on 2-3 cities. 

Great result from Vivian’s first trip with LNER to York:

Vivian’s first trip to York revolved around the theme of romance. Traveling with her boyfriend, Vivian beautifully showcased the romantic aspects of York, capturing the hearts of her followers and resonating with our target audience, Chinese students. Vivian’s content showcased the picturesque city of York with stunning visuals and eloquent descriptions and emphasized the romance of travelling by train. The comfortable first class seats and the scenic route on the LNER train added an extra layer of enchantment to this romantic adventure.

We are thrilled to see how Vivian’s posts have generated exceptional results, with her Weibo post amassing an impressive 10,000 views, and her WeChat post reaching 45,000 views, demonstrating widespread engagement across these prominent platforms. Furthermore, Vivian’s Little Red Book travel vlog achieved a remarkable 10,000 views within just two weeks of publication, proving the enduring appeal of her content on this influential platform. These substantial viewcounts reflect the success of Vivian’s storytelling and visuals and affirm our project’s ability to effectively promote attractions and resonate with our target audience’s desires for romantic getaways and meaningful experiences.

Let’s make the magic happen:

Collaborating closely with our primary partner, LNER, we would also like to thank Malmaison for working with us on this project, offering hotel rooms in all the LNER destinations where they have properties (which is most of them!). We warmly invite potential collaborators interested in joining us for future projects, providing an opportunity to promote their brand to Chinese students or enhance their social media impact within the Chinese audience. Please feel free to contact us.

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